The GOP Has Everything to Gain by Impeaching Trump Now

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May 19, 2017 by juicefong


Haven’t written in ages, but hey. Here goes. Follow me: @jgfong.

Remember when Republicans were wincing at Trump’s nomination, and hardly any of them would step forward to endorse him? You’d hardly recognize those men and women from the GOP congress that is now bowing down to their new commander-in-chief, pushing through all those controversial cabinet nominees sharply along party lines, and wielding their House committee powers to run interference.

On a dime, Republicans went from distancing themselves from a toxic candidate Trump to giddily conspiring with President Trump and their across-the-board powers. Lest we forget McConnell’s Senate going nuclear to bring in Gorsuch.

But boy oh boy, what a week it’s been. Firing Comey was the first time we really saw the GOP bristle at the President. And with new evidence suggesting that Trump pressured Comey to end the Flynn investigation, there may be just enough obstruction of justice to send him to impeachment. And if I’m the GOP — which I am decidedly not — I see a huge upside to impeaching Trump now. Here’s why:

1. If Trump is impeached, the GOP still has Pence, who is a hardline conservative and by comparison, a normal human being, and far more re-electable in 2020 than Trump (who looks more and more likely to shoot himself in the foot and find his way out of office anyway).

2. If these first few months and the last week are any clue, there is no end in sight to the reckless, destructive behavior from this administration. The longer the GOP rides on that wagon, the worse it gets, and the more complicit the party appears. Act now and you cut your losses.

3. The GOP gets to be the “hero” — they’ll get to “stand up for what’s right” and rid our country of a lunatic who was never fit for office, distancing themselves from his noxious brand. Maybe by November 2020, the American people will forgive that the GOP enabled this crazy man and instead came to our rescue to remove him.

Do Trump loyalists turn their back on you if you get rid of him? Hard to tell — but I’m sure a bunch of centrist Republicans or the ones who’ve been coming home to furious town halls are shitting their pants right now, looking for an out. An impeachment supported by the GOP will not necessarily be an indictment on Trump’s politics, but on his amateurish antics — which seem to be somewhere between irksome and appalling for nearly every American.

I’m neither a conservative nor a supporter of the GOP, but every day Trump is in office, we are at risk of grave, irreversible harm. I’d rather not concede the political points that the GOP can win out of this, but this lunatic has got to go.

I’ll still be asking for his tax returns, though.


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