Top 10 #EduValentines


February 15, 2014 by juicefong

Nice to see the education world have a good sense of humor. Had a busy day so couldn’t follow all of the great education-themed Valentines using #EduValentine. It was all started by the folks at AEI Education. A day later, here are my top 10, in no particular order:


Always appreciate a classroom strategy joke:


Assessments deserve their share of the fun, too:


The debate rages over Common Core:


Andy Smarick would say “mixed” is generous for the expensive SIG program:


A knock on the Arne Duncan flub:


Can’t leave out the publishers:


My teammate Aaron French fared well, too:


On our Finnish obsession:


After all, love is about choice, isn’t it?


Chad Aldeman had a good day on the Internet:


See all the fun at #EduValentine on Twitter.

One thought on “Top 10 #EduValentines

  1. Amy says:

    Here are a couple.

    Hey girl, can I closely read your lips? #eduvalentine

    Let’s do some guided practice. #eduvalentine

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