Good men’s shopping in PDX

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September 28, 2013 by juicefong

I was in Portland, OR a few weeks ago and found it hard to find good shopping advice online. That’s probably because it’s a booming shopping scene and so much is changing quickly. Here’s to helping some other brother out the next time:

Animal Traffic (SW 10th/Stark): A ridiculously large amount of really good-looking bags.

Tanner Goods/The Woodlands (Burnside/SW 13th): Hand crafted leather goods. Custom boots.

Bridge & Burn (Morrison/SW 12th): Maybe my favorite. Impressive looking original line here in its first retail outlet. Great value for good style.

Poler (Burnside/SW 13th): Innovative and hip camping and outdoor gear.

Blake (NW 23rd/Burnside): Big store with lots of hipster menswear.

Hand-Eye Supply (NW 4th/Couch): Gear for makers. Work aprons and apparel, writing implements, tools, accessories.

Upper Playground (NW 5th/Couch): Rad t-shirts. Bay Area affiliated too, so you’ll see 49ers and Giants stuff.

Jack Spade (NW 11th/Everett): You can find them elsewhere, but this is a nice store.

Canoe (Alder/SW 12th): Beautifully curated home décor and more.

Lizard Lounge (Irving/NW 13th): Didn’t make it here but it was recommended to me. A lot of denim on the website.

Table of Contents (NW 4th/Couch): Very expensive mens and womens but interesting to look at. Very chic.

Frances May (Washington/SW 10th): High end, expensive, modern stuff. Too much for me but looked good.

Filson (NW 13th/Hoyt): One of their few retail stores. Good for your accidentally hipster dad, luggage, or if you need waders.

Rudy’s Barbershop (NW 13th/Davis): Get your haircut here. I know the CEO and they gave me a great cut. $25 and shampoo is free. They have good styling products, too.

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